Comfy Clothes for Staying Home in the Time of Corona

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So you’ve been lounging around the house now for a couple of weeks and those old faithful pajamas just aren’t cutting it the way they used to. Sure, it’s quarantine and you don’t have any place to go but you still want to look cute as you open the refrigerator for the 14th time in the last hour. Fear not! I have found you some cute loungewear pieces to get you through the end of the world. You can wear these pieces while you watch one of the movies off my Movies to Watch While You Self-Isolate list:

 Time & Tru Knit Leggings 2-Pack($11.86, Walmart) – If you have to leave the house for some essential groceries or go out for the walk, this 2-pack of leggings is just the ticket to make you quasi-presentable. Pair with a tunic or oversized sweater and you’re ready to go on a supply run. Bonus, leggings are a staple of any Mom uniform.

Time & Tru Knit Legggings.
Secret Treasures 2-Piece Sleep Set ‘Brunch Club’ ($10.84, Walmart) – Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t still have brunch. Wear this comfy PJ set while you pour yourself a Mimosa…at 11am…on a Wednesday…while you’re supposed to be working from home.
Secret Treasures Brunch Club Sleep Set.

Golden Girls Jogger Sleep Set ($24.22, Walmart) – You’ve now watched every show on Netflix so it’s time to break out the big guns and binge the Golden Girls. Those four ladies can make anyone forget about the plague. And while you watch them you can wear this lovely sleep set. Before you know it this will be over and you’ll be telling people, “Let me tell you a story, Picture It…”

Golden Girls Jogger Sleep Set.
Secret Treasures Jogger Sleep Set ($25.68, Walmart) – Sometimes you want to wear sweats but leave open the possibility of making a Corona baby, that’s where this jogger sleep set comes in; it’s cozy but it says “maybe if you clean the garage I’ll think about it.”
Secret Treasures Jogger Sleep Set.
Friends 2-Piece Tank & Jogger Set ($14.99, Walmart) – For the friends obsessed is this little tribute to those saucy six pals. Comfy but will show off all the hard work you’ve been putting in at your makeshift home gym. Question – which one of the friends would be most likely to contract Covid-19?
Friends 2-Piece Tank & Jogger Set.
Athletic Works Soft Joggers ($10.96, Walmart) – I’ve owned these joggers since I was pregnant with Rigel and let me tell you if they can survive pregnancy they can certainly survive the apocalypse. Good to keep around for when you go on those toilet paper hunts.
Athletic Works Soft Joggers.
Paramount Mean Girls Top & Shorts Sleep Set ($24.22, Walmart) – Have you formed cliques in your home yet? Are you rolling with the ‘girls who eat their feelings’? Is your husband a Burnout? Since we’re all probably feeling a little mean girlish as we scroll instagram, get this sleep set and look “so fetch” during the quarantine.
Paramount Mean Girls Sleep Set.
of you are hanging loose right now but some of you may want to wrangle the ladies occasionally while being comfortable of course. Get this bra! It picks things up and puts them back where you left off before you started social distancing.
Bali Comfort Revolution Wire-free Bra.
SONOMA Goods for Life Everyday Pullover Hoodie ($14.99, Kohls) – Hoodies are interesting, aren’t they? You can wear them to be cozy or to pretend you didn’t see your neighbor that’s been peering over the fence for the last hour, just hoping you’ll yell something at them. Get this hoodie and feel cozy holed up in your living room, pretending you don’t see your neighbor.
Sonoma Good for Life Everyday Pullover Hoodie.
Tek Gear Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt ($9.99, Kohls) – I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite fitspo wearing a top like this with the little thumb cutouts and while before Covid-19 you probably thought it was a cute idea now these little hand covers could just save your life! Lord knows you won’t want to touch your face and dirty up your brand new sweatshirt. So wear this cute cozy and stop touching your face!
Tek Gear Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt.
Junior’s SO Oversized Crew Tunic Sweatshirt($29.99, Kohls) – Remember those leggings that I talked about, well this is what you’d pair it with. A cute oversized tunic that can hide the Covid-15 you’ve put on since this quarantine started.
Junior’s SO Oversized Crew Tunic Sweatshirt.
Tek Gear Roll-Sleeve Tunic Tee  ($17.99, Kohls) – For those of you who are overachievers and have been working out this whole time and eating your vegetables, this is your tunic. Maybe we’ll watch your Instagram Live workout if you wear it…not making any promises though.
Tek Gear Roll-Sleeve Tunic Tee.
Cozy Rozy Dreamer Brushed Jersey 2-Piece Pajama Set ($16.97, Nordstrom Rack) – For the hopeless dreamers that have been avoiding sweats and wearing real clothes because you’re convinced this will all be over in a week is this spicy little set. Great for the warmer nights of Spring and if you’re enjoying all this extra quality time with your sweetie.
Cozy Rozy Dreamer Pajama Set.
Free Press Printed Shirt & Pants 2-Piece Pajama Set($29.97, Nordstrom Rack) – We could all use some magic right now but barring a scholarship to Hogwarts this pajama set is probably as close as a lot of us are going to get. Wear this cozy set as you wave your magic wand to get your husband to finish the honey-do list.
Free Press Printed Pajama Set.
Nike Vintage Gym Shorts ($23.97, Nordstrom Rack) – It’s getting very hot some places and so you might be tempted to be outside. I offer up these lounge shorts from Nike, good outside, good inside…on the couch…while you down a pint of ice cream (you know to cool off).
Nike Vintage Gym Shorts.
Adidas French Terry Shorts ($17.97, Nordstrom Rack) – if you’ve been boycotting Nike for [insert reason here] then I present these shorts for your consideration. Made of comfy french terry these shorts will be fantastic for sitting out on your porch watching no one go by because we’re under a stay at home order.
Adidas French Terry Shorts.
Marc New York Performance Novelty French Terry Jogger Pants ($22.97, Nordstrom Rack) – Even though you may never see another movie in a movie theater again or see human beings other than your children and husband you may still want to on occasion look cool. These are the joggers for when you want to look crisp and like your house is a minimalist’s dream…instead of what it actually is: a combination of homeschooling papers, toys, husband’s half-done projects, and a mountain of dishes as high as Mt. Everest.
Marc New York Performance French Terry Joggers.
So order some new comfies, set it up for curb-side pick-up and get your lounge on. Things are going to be like this for the duration. If you’re wondering about me I’ve been taking a lot of walks in the neighborhood in my cozies. I’ve discovered that I live next to a wilderness. Will likely not last long once the zombies show up here.
Wearing my Athletic Works joggers in the prehistoric wilderness in the back of our neighborhood.
Let me know, are y’all still getting done up or have you resorted to wearing the same sweatpants every day?
Remember to stay safe out there! We’ll get through this together!

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