My Favorite Spring Trends and What I’m Wearing

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Spring is officially here and I’m glad to be able to put my jackets and coats away. I’m not quite ready to sport spaghetti straps (which have made a comeback) but I am excited to wear more dresses, t-shirts, and pieces that let me breathe.

So here’s a run up of pieces that I’m loving and how I’m dressing this Spring:


I’m really enjoying t-shirt dresses (if you’re new around here, that’s a love affair that’s been going on since I started the postpartum journey). I like the ease of them, the fact I don’t feel very bad if they get all messy, and when worn loose-fitting can be very forgiving. I’m also really enjoying Empire Cut Sun dresses, especially if they have lots of yellow in them. Here are some dresses that are currently sitting in my cart.


Wearing a Billy Idol graphic tee from Forever21

Lots of retailers have jumped on the graphic tee trend, with a special emphasis on old band t-shirts. As a lover of music, I’m all over the idea of wearing my favorite artists on my chest. I originally got into Billy Idol when I was in middle school and have been a fan of British Punk Rock ever since. I also like sporting old wrestling tees and comics. Here are a few sitting in my cart right now:


I’m just tired of putting my legs in prison! When did we decide that it was okay to cut off circulation to our calves in the name of fashion?! And as a big-bottomed woman I just don’t want to look like an ice cream cone anymore. So this Spring I’m not doing it! With “90s pants” and loosey-goosey joggers all the rage this season, I am freeing my gams! Check out a few of the loose pants sitting my cart:

So there you have it, some of the things I’m loving for Spring. Let me know in the comments what kinds of things you’re gravitating toward this season.

Remember florals look good on you,

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