Transitional Mom Wardrobe: For the Mom Still Getting Used to Her Body

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Yes fall is just around the corner but that’s not what this post is about. Although the pieces in this post are mostly fall appropriate, this post is really about a very particular time in Mom life. You’re not exactly in that immediate postpartum phase where you still look about six months pregnant but you’re also not quite feeling like yourself. Things might be jiggling, you’re not quite sure where that bit of skin came from, you didn’t know your thighs could do that, and you’re pretty sure if you flapped your arms you could fly. As body positive as we all want to be and as much as we may love our little ones and think that it was totally worth it, you might need some easing back into your personal style. That’s where these suggestions come in; pieces and looks for the Mom who wants to look cute but without acknowledging that sometimes your skin doesn’t turn with the rest of your body.

A lot of these clothing examples are going to be good pieces for fall, some of them are breastfeeding-friendly but not necessarily all of them. We’re going to start at the top and work our way down. Full disclosure while I was researching cute, new pieces for this post my husband was terrified that I was actually going to buy all of them. Lucky for him, I’m not going to buy them…all at once.


If y’all follow me on Instagram then you know I’m quite honest about where things currently stand. Sure, I’ve been working out hard but I could probably fan someone very effectively with my arms. It’s weird because I had really nice arms once upon a time and as open as I am to showing these arms to all of you on Instagram I don’t really want to look at them all the time. Coupled with a chest that is still two cup sizes bigger than it was prior to the arrival of my little star; there are days when I would rather not acknowledge that I have an upper body at all.

I’m going to ask you to resist the temptation to tent yourself, as much as you may want to exterminate your postpartum pudge; wearing heaps of excess fabric will just make you look bigger. Instead I urge you to tactfully cover up the zones that make you feel the most self-conscious. For me, as is probably the case for you right now it’s likely your arms and bust. You don’t need to add volume to camouflage them. When you do that you’re making them look bigger so instead consider options like these.

1. Rib-knit Top (H&M, $17.99) 2. Polka-Dot Rhyme Top (Nordstrom, $29.50) 3. Dolman-Sleeved Top (H&M, $17.99) 4. Luxe Slub-Knit Tunic Tee (Old Navy, $25.00) 5. Ribbed Sweater (Nordstrom, $24.99) 6. ASOS DESIGN Peplum Top w/ Contrast Buttons (ASOS, $40.00)


Who decided that the only jeans we could wear would be skinny jeans? Or worse, baggy unflattering Mom jeans. Full disclosure: yes I own a pair of Mom jeans but I’ll be the first to admit that they don’t do me any favors. I vividly remember my first experience with skinny jeans circa 2006. I was in college and some of my girlfriends were talking about them and wearing them. I was a bootcut and flares girl but I reluctantly went to Abercrombie & Fitch and tried a pair on. I was a size 00 at the time and somehow my hips looked enormous with these little toothpick calves! Why would anyone wear these I thought. I held off as long as I could on the trend until suddenly bootcut jeans became impossible to find. My legs have lacked circulation ever since. After much thought I have concluded that this was a measure instituted by flat-bottomed persons, as they are the only ones who truly benefit from such pants. But I digress.

After you have a baby you’re usually left with wider hips, sometimes temporarily but often permanently because your pelvis kind of opened up to let a human out. Coupled with a potentially fatter booty and you can probably imagine that squeezing into compressive skinny jeans is just not the business. I would urge you to go back to bootcut jeans and flares! Thankfully in 2020 they’re making a comeback!! It’s also great to have easy to slip on pants for quickly putting on when your baby wakes up 2 hours earlier than usual. And everyone looks good in a midi skirt. So here are my bottom suggestions for us Mamas as we continue changing in the postpartum period.

1. Ab-Solution High Waist Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans (Nordstrom, $49.90) 2. Mango Flare Jeans (ASOS, $60.00) 3. Topshop Tapered Pants (ASOS, $54.00) 4. Cheetah Print Midi Skirt (Forever21, $17.99) 5. Twill Cargo Pants (H&M, $17.99) 6. Honey Curvy Bootcut Jeans (Nordstrom, $99.90)

Dresses & One Pieces

You might be thinking ‘seriously, Grace I cannot run after my one-year old wearing that stuff’ and while that’s sort of true the fact remains occasionally you may want to have nothing touching your legs or don’t want to expend the energy it takes to put pieces together for your outfit, so you’re going to need a few of these. A lot of Moms tend to go with too much fabric when they pick out a dress, thinking that it’ll cover up all the bits that they’re insecure about but all it really does is make you look big, which is the opposite of what you were trying to accomplish. I recommend going with dresses that are snug toward the top and then flow away from the body as they get passed the waist. These are going to be dresses like A-line , Swing, Sheath, Shirt, and Bodycon dresses. I’m particularly into Swing Dresses right now because they’re so fun to twirl in, and yes Mom’s need to twirl too. And yes you can do a Bodycon dress confidently with a little belting and the right cover-up like a cardigan, you too can look like a cute little influencer. And of course keep sleeves an option until the ballet arms are back.

Additionally have a few rompers/jumpsuits in the arsenal. Yes they make it harder to pee but you don’t need to worry about that because you’ve been doing your pelvic floor exercises and you got that bladder under control. Plus they make the mornings when your toddler has disappeared your favorite jeans a lot easier. Not to mention it’s kind of hard to look a wreck in a cute jumpsuit.

1.Print Long Sleeve Dress (Nordstrom, $31.90) 2. ASOS Design Tie Waist Jumpsuit (ASOS, $56.00) 3. Button-front Dress (H&M, $34.99) 4. Plush-Knit Long-Sleeve Swing Dress (Old Navy, $34.99) 5. Denim Shirt Dress (H&M, $29.99) 6. Written With Love Ribbed Long Sleeve Dress (Lulus, $59.00) 7. ASOS Design Jersey Tie Waist Jumpsuit (ASOS, $45.00) 8. Belted Short Sleeve Crinkle Dress (Nordstrom, $51.90)

Cardigans & Light Jackets

Let’s say you find a really cute dress or top. Something you know you can fit into now and in a few months you’ll probably look super hot in. Don’t avoid buying it just because it shows a little more arm or tushy than you’re ready to share just yet, get yourself a cute light cardigan or jacket that you can throw on. I’ve been doing this for years even when I wasn’t postpartum but had triceps that weren’t cooperating.

1.Denim Jacket (H&M, $34.99) 2. Scout Utility Jacket (Old Navy, $42.00) 3. Loose-knit cardigan (H&M, $12.99) 4. Cropped Cardigan (H&M, $24.99)

So Mamas let me know what are some of your go-to looks that you’re a Mom. Are you dressing for comfort? Are you still avoiding crop tops? Let me know! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to take a peek into my crazy world as a Mom to an overactive toddler.

Remember you look fabulous!

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New Mom and Retired Lawyer trying to share the ride.

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