Movies to Watch While You Self-Isolate

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Right now we’re all being asked to (dis)band together and stay the heck at home to “flatten the curve.” Some of you may be on your 5th viewing of Outbreak at this point and wondering just how you’re going to get through this crisis. Have no fear, I’m here with a list of not-so-obvious movies for this period of self-isolation:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off FerrisBuellersDayOffThis is probably how you felt on the first day or two of canceled plans like you were playing hooky. But like Ferris you may find that taking a day off isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Surrogates Surrogates

You’re working from home now, stuck behind a machine with no water cooler chats. Imagine the lengths we may go to to avoid going outside if this pandemic continues for more than a few weeks. Watch this movie for a glimpse at our potential future.



In case you were wondering what the appropriate amount of social distancing is, please use this film as guidance.

Osmosis Jones


If you’ve been thinking “but don’t I have an immune system that can fight this?” watch this movie for a fun primer on how the immune system works; complete with Bill Murray as Frank, host to a superbad bug.

The Cabin in the Woods


If you’re bummed about your Spring Break plans being canceled know that it could always be worse. You could be the kids in this movie having the worst vacation ever!

House Arrest


Maybe you’re stuck at home right now with your children unable to leave. You might relate to this comedy from the 90s starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Pollak.



Feeling a little preoccupied these days with how the human body works, here’s another hilarious romp into the inner workings of a hapless every man.



You may be in a lockdown but at least you’re not locked in your building in the middle of a futuristic gang war. Enjoy this movie and be thankful you can still sit on your porch…for now.



This is what things might look like if self-isolation doesn’t work, containing and forgetting giants swathes of the country. This movie might convince you to stay home.

Soylent Green 


Here’s a preview of what our diets might look like if people keep hoarding all the food and we don’t flatten the curve in the next two weeks. At least you’ll probably lose weight on this diet.

Wall – E


If all else fail we might just have to abandon the planet. However, if we can learn anything from WALL-E at all it’s that there is always hope even in the direst of circumstances.

While we may all be stressing right now this is also an opportunity to do all the things we’ve been meaning to do. Clean the garage, watch some silly movies you normally wouldn’t, paint a landscape, play lots of games with your kids. Before you know we’ll be back to wishing Peggy in HR would stop sending out memos.

Let me know what you’re doing to pass the time if you find yourself suddenly home thanks to the corona virus.

Shooting you the Wakanda salute,


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