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Naturally impulsive, but deceptively controlled, I tend to plan my impulses the way a General plans an air-raid. I don’t always know what I want to accomplish but I have to do something and there may be collateral damage. Despite my best efforts to blow everything up, the Universe saw fit to send me my basherter (destiny) in 2015. So I’m thinking it’s time to stop the war gaming. With that in mind, here are my resolutions for 2016:

I resolve to…

  1. Write more. All kinds of things. Poems. My memoir. Stories. Advice. Blogs.
  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least 4 times a week. Eat a well-balanced diet. Save the Coca-cola for cheat days.
  3. Look at the bright side. Every situation has a bright side. Even when you lose something. Often you have to lose something before you can get something better.
  4. Find my passion. If it means I have to go back to school. Build it. Bust through a door. Prance around in a bikini (you know in bikini appropriate places); going to find something I love doing.
  5. Achieve fiscal freedom. Those credit cards might as well be shackles. Going to pay that stuff off.
  6. Love and then love some more. Not going to be afraid to love and show it.
  7. Visit at least 3 cities I’ve never been to. Travel as often as possible, so long as it doesn’t jeopardize resolution #5.
  8. Not be so hard on my boyfriend. He’s a God-send. No one makes me laugh the way he does. I can cut him some slack.

I’m off to it. And I wish each you the very best as you go off and tackle your own resolutions. I believe in you! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to (especially with a little help from the Big-Guy Upstairs).

Author: Grace G.

New Mom and Retired Lawyer trying to share the ride.

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