Keeping Fit While You Travel

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Just one day until Match Day and I am on pins and needles. Where will we end up?! Will it be Nashville or Buffalo, Charleston or Madison, will we be Cornhuskers in Nebraska or Hurricanes in Miami? Ahhh! You’ll have to stay tuned to Monday’s post to find out but in the meantime, I got to thinking about all the traveling we’ll likely be doing once we find out where Isaac matched for his residency. Since working out has become such an integral part of not just my physical health but also my mental health, I try to make sure that even when I’m traveling I get my sweat on. So I thought I would share with you guys how I stay fit while I travel.

Vagabond Motel
Vagabond Hotel in the MIMO District of Miami, FL

When planning any trip remember, just because you’re going on a trip does not mean that you should throw out all the good habits you’ve acquired over the last several weeks or months of your fitness journey. I don’t take going out of town as an opportunity to binge in a different zip code. I take it as an opportunity to try some new things that still mostly stick to my health principles.

1. Pack resistance bands or other light-weight portable exercise equipment – I like to pack my handled resistance bands , my jump rope , and my 360 (flat) band. I’ve had my resistance bands for over 4 years and just recently incorporated the jump rope to get some additional cardio while on the road. A jump rope can easily replace a session on a treadmill or on a bike. You can then use the resistance bands to accomplish most of your resistance training needs. Some other portable exercise equipment you may consider investing in is the TRX System which is a suspension system that you attach to the top of any door frame. Having your own equipment with you to get in a workout means that regardless of the gym situation at the hotel you’re staying at you can always get a good workout in.


Just one of the many ways you can use your resistance bands. Bonus no need to wear shoes!

There are several YouTube videos that teach you all the different exercises you can do with your resistance bands – check out this one by Workout Hotel with a quick overview of some of the more effective moves.

2. Find a Hotel that Values Health as Much as You Do – Hotel chains are popping up that are putting an emphasis on your health. One hotel chain, in particular, is making it easier than ever to get your sweat on. EVEN Hotels  with locations in NYC, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Seattle, and soon-to-open Miami boasts hotel amenities that include, yoga mat, resistance bands, and standing desks in every room. They have full-sized gyms just like your gym back home. They also offer gluten-free food options as well as boatloads of natural foods. They’ve even got smoothies in the lobby! Isaac stayed at an EVEN Hotel during his stay in Omaha while on the residency interview trail and he absolutely loved it! Took full advantage of the yoga mat. If you stay at a hotel that values wellness and sticks it right in your room you’ll be more likely to get a little sweat on. I mean the resistance bands are just going to be calling your name. I highly recommend that you consider staying at this chain on your next trip. The best part, the prices are still comparable to your favorite Holiday Inn or Candlewood Suites.

Even Hotel
EVEN Hotel suite picture courtesy of

3. Find Restaurants that Serve Foods that Adhere to Your Principles Before You Leave on Your Trip – I have a gluten sensitivity. Depending on the amount of gluten I ingest I can have anything from a mild stomach ache to a full-blown asthma attack. That means I avoid the stuff. When traveling I look up restaurants that serve both gluten-free meals, as well as have gluten-free alternatives. For example, when we went to St. Augustine, FL I looked up gluten-free spots and found The Bunnery where I was able to get myself some gluten-free french toast. It was a nice little treat while on vacation but I didn’t compromise my health in order to have it. If you have certain food restrictions I suggest you do the same and look up restaurants before you head out on your nice adventure. You’ll be less likely to eat at the first place you spot and you won’t have any health setbacks.

Gluten-free French Toast and Cold Brew at The Bunnery Bakery and Cafe in St. Augustine, FL.

4. Cheat Meals Not Cheat Days – I find that I feel better when I make small indulges each day as opposed to going hog wild and having a whole cheat day. Typically I accomplish this by having two nice healthy meals and one meal that’s fun and loose. This fun meal for me usually looks something like a gluten-free pizza or a cheeseburger on gluten-free bread. Even though it’s a cheat meal I still avoid food items that make me feel awful like wheat and corn. I’ll also sprinkle in a small ice cream or a fun dessert that I normally wouldn’t have back home. Spreading out my indulgences over several days instead of having them all at once means I don’t shock the system. When you’ve been eating really clean and sticking to a certain ratio of macros your body can be really shocked when you veer heavily off course. You do want to enjoy the rest of your vacation, don’t you? 

Gluten-free chicken pizza from Flash Fire Pizza formerly in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

5. Participate in Physical Activities – Don’t go someplace and just spend all your time lounging. Arrange some physical activities for yourself. Go for a hike, walk around the city, take a yoga class, go for a swim. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is discovering a city on foot. I end up walking several miles. On my trip to Buffalo, NY back in November I walked almost 9 miles on foot and climbed 14 flights of stairs in a single day while a explored the city. I got to see their beautiful and gigantic City Hall, located at Niagara Square, the Art Deco building rises 32-stories and was completed in 1931. I climbed all the way to its observation deck that is open to the public and got a 360-degree view of the entire city. I probably would have never even discovered this amazing building if I hadn’t decided to traipse around on foot. 


Ultimately, the key to maintaining your fitness is consistency. After lots of starts and stops for me, I’m not ready to lose my gains and my good health just because I’m traveling. My goal in staying active while on vacation is avoiding needing another vacation when I get back home to recover from the one I just took.

Let me know in the comments if you have any tips and tricks for when you travel to maintain your fitness. Also, make sure you stay tuned and read Monday’s blog post to find out all about where Isaac matched and where we’ll be calling home! I’m just bursting with excitement! You can sign up for e-mail notifications for all of my blog posts right on the sidebar. I post every Monday and Thursday!

Talk soon lovelies!


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