Match Day: We’re Moving to Charleston, SC


The day finally came and the envelope says we’re moving to Charleston, SC! That’s right the very Charleston, SC where we got engaged last August. The very Charleston, SC where Isaac had a wonderful interview with the faculty of the Medical University of South Carolina. Isaac was selected to be a Neurology resident in their wonderful program and I couldn’t be more proud of him. And I am just so excited about moving to Charleston! Oh, what a charming town, filled with such hospitable people. I just can’t wait.

Isaac and I on Match Day at Florida Atlantic University after Isaac found out he’d matched at MUSC in Charleston, SC.

While I know Isaac is going to make an excellent physician and is going to learn so much at MUSC, I am in all honesty a little concerned about what I will do. I won’t be able to sit for the bar exam in South Carolina until next February, assuming I decide to continue pursuing the legal field in some capacity. So that leaves about eight months of time where I need to find something to do with myself. I have been considering getting certified as a personal trainer, mostly to expand what I’ve been learning on my own but also so maybe I can help people in a more legitimate way. Right now, I feel pretty apprehensive to give out advice without the credentials to back it up. I guess that’s just my lawyer brain always worried about liability. That law school training really sticks!


Me exploring Charleston back in November when we drove up for Isaac’s interview at MUSC.


We’ll also have to find a place to live in Charleston, SC while we’re still working on finishing up preparations for the wedding. We’ll probably make a trip up to South Carolina before the wedding to scope out some neighborhoods. And I don’t mind one bit, I just love it up there. It’s really such a gorgeous town, with great food, and even better people. That being stated, I do wonder if I’ll fit in. While I have always kind of thought of myself as a Southern Belle, real Southern Belles spend more time on their hair and nails than I have ever bothered to. I’ll probably need to work on that a little, I’m sure Isaac won’t mind.

If any of you are from Charleston, SC let me know in the comments what I can expect and what the best neighborhoods are! Also, if you’ve made a big move to another state in the past let me know how to handled the stress of the move and what you did to adjust to your new surroundings.

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