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With my size changing so much over the last several months, I’ve been a size 6, then a 4, then a 6 again, and now I think I’m a 4, I didn’t want to invest in new pieces that might not fit me in a couple of weeks. I remember signing up for Le Tote, a subscription clothing service about a year ago but I never chose a subscription. At the time I just wanted to see what the clothes looked like before I made a monthly commitment. A couple of weeks ago I was struggling to find a pair of pants that actually fit. Over the last six months, I had donated all of my cute pants and had been left with only three H&M jeans of a questionable size. That’s when I remembered Le Tote and I thought well the monthly subscription would be less than buying two pairs of pants that probably won’t fit me in 2 weeks anyway. So after a year, I chose a subscription plan.

The Subscription Plans

They have three subscription plans for the ‘Unlimited Classic Box’:

  • $59: 3 garments and 2 accessories in every tote
  • $69: 4 garments in every tote
  • $79: 5 garments and 3 accessories in every tote

And for those ladies expecting they have the ‘Unlimited Maternity Box’:

  • $69: 3 garments and 2 accessories in every tote
  • $79: 4 garments in every tote

I chose the $59 Unlimited Classic Box that comes with 3 garments and 2 accessories in every tote. Plus I added the $5 per month insurance just in case anything happens to the garments. I have been known to be a little bit clumsy.

Preparing my First Tote

I read quite a few reviews before signing up written by people who weren’t satisfied with the clothing options that Le Tote chose for their first totes. When you sign up with Le Tote they will ask you a series of questions to try to determine your personal style preferences. They will also ask you a series of questions regarding your size and fit preferences. Using all this information their algorithm finds clothes for you that you’ll not only like but also will fit your body well. Your first tote will be based on what the algorithm determines but you are by no means obligated to confirm those items for shipment.

Le Tote allows its subscribers to pick items that they like and place them in their closet. This virtual closet can be used to swap in items that you would rather receive in your tote. Le Tote gives you 48 hours to swap any items in your tote. I did this before confirming my first tote because the clothing items they had chosen for me didn’t fit what I was interested in for the week; mostly I wanted pants that fit and to get a sweater since it’s been chilly down here in Florida. Once I swapped in the items that I wanted, I confirmed my tote and Le Tote got to work preparing it for shipment. I confirmed my tote Friday afternoon and the next morning I received confirmation that my tote was on its way. I received my tote on Tuesday, so a total of 4 days from tote confirmation to arrival at my doorstep.

Le Tote Box #1
My first tote!


Unboxing the goodies!


What I got in my Tote

For my first tote, I chose two pairs of pants and a sweater, plus a pair of stud earrings and a necklace.

Le Tote Insert
The contents of my tote, with the option to keep anything I like for a discounted price.

All the items arrived looking great and smelling fantastic, with a lovely clean linen scent.

How The Clothes Looked

I was so excited to wear my items, that I wore one a day during the remainder of the week.

Wednesday's Outfit
Wednesday: Wore the Noir Contrast Trim Joggers with a Forever 21 Cropped Sweater, Jessica Simpson Wedge Pumps, and the Noir Luxe Pave Tusk Necklace.
Thursday's Outfit
Thursday: Wore the Hayes Distressed Zip Pocket Pants with a cashmere blend cropped sweater from Forever21 and pair of Mossimo Leopard pumps, plus the House of Harlow 1960 Stud earrings
Saturday's Outfit
Saturday: Wore the Summer & Sage Side Zipper Sweatshirt, with my black H&M skinny jeans, Guess Booties, and black cross-body purse.

I was so impressed with how well the clothes fit. When I was choosing my items on Le Tote’s website they gave advice about the fit of clothes based on the measurements you provided (it really helps to measure yourself with a measuring tape and give them your real measurements to get the best fit possible). They even go so far as to tell you that something will fit you weird based on the cut. It’s pretty amazing the amount of effort Le Tote has put into making sure that everything fits just right.

When You’re Done Wearing the Clothes

Once you’ve worn the clothes you can choose to keep items that you really loved, at which point Le Tote will charge the credit card that they have on file for you. You place everything that you want to send back in a pre-paid bag mailer that’s provided in your tote and drop it in any USPS mailbox. As soon as the post office scans your returned bag mailer, Le Tote is notified and e-mails you to confirm your next tote.

I dropped my mailer off on Tuesday afternoon and that night I received an e-mail from Le Tote asking me to confirm my next tote. I chose my next items and by the following morning, Le Tote had confirmed that my next tote had shipped. My next tote should arrive tomorrow.

The Verdict

I loved my first tote! I was really happy with the quality of the clothes and how promptly I received everything. If you’re someone who loves to wear new clothes but often suffers from buyer’s remorse this service is for you. If you want to get away from the bargain brands but don’t yet have the budget for it, for $59 a month you can have at least a dozen new looks. If your body is in a transitional phase where your shape is changing a lot so you’re not sure you want to commit to new pieces this is definitely for you. You can change your size as your size changes. You can change your style as your style evolves. You can try new trends and see if they work for you without getting stuck with a dress you only wear once.

If you’re curious and would like to give Le Tote a try yourself you can use my referral link to get a free tote (!!! – you’ll have 14 days to try out Le Tote with no obligation. There’s nothing to lose and only cute looks to gain!

**And for the skeptics out, this is in no way sponsored by Le Tote. I pay a monthly subscription and wanted to share my experience with you all like I’ve done with a bunch of other stuff I’ve tried**

If you’re thinking of trying Le Tote ask me any questions you have that I may not have covered in the comments below.

Here’s to bold style!


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