Schedules, Training, and a Period

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**Fair warning this post may be a little TMI for the gents turn back now while you still can**

Since I’ve been soooo busy and I’m sure the ladies out there can relate, I’m going to tackle a topic that inevitably comes up when you’re in the middle of a new fitness regime: what the heck do I do when Aunt Flo comes to visit?!

First, let me get you up to speed on what I’ve been up to since my last post two weeks ago (has it been that long?!). When I last posted I shared how I was revamping my workout routine and going to be doing more intense cardio inspired by Orange Theory workouts. Well, not only have I been doing that but I started going to the gym in the morning (like 5am morning) and getting my workout in before I’ve had a scrap of food to eat.  The morning workouts have been pretty amazing for me, I find that I have much more energy during the day and am sleeping much better at night. Additionally, I was finally able to break 128 lbs!! Now I don’t weigh myself every day, the scale can be a liar, but in the absence of visible physical changes sometimes any indicator will do. I weighed myself a week ago and I was down to 126 lbs.


Not only have the morning workouts broken the 128 lb barrier but even though I have had the most hectic couple of weeks at work, like 13 days without a day off hectic, I didn’t miss a day. That was until last Thursday when I felt a delayed Aunt Flo knock on my lady door. I’d been waiting for my period for almost two whole weeks, no doubt delayed because I cranked up my workout intensity just as my hormones were supposed to dip (that might merit a post in the future).  When I felt this pang in my womb I thought, ‘okay take a rest day, no stress and let your body do its thing’ but I wasn’t sure if that was the right response.


One day turned into two as the following day Aunt Flo was in full rage mood. Not only had she arrived but she was wielding a machete. There was no way any running was going to happen. On the third day, I was still feeling crummy but was too busy to lay around and relax. I worked that Saturday morning, then went shopping with my boyfriend’s mother who was in town and then had to get dolled up for dinner. Who the heck wants to do those things when you’re basically a crime scene?! But I was freaking out! ‘Three days of no workouts?! I’m going to gain everything back’

I ended up taking four rest days. Even though I was worried that I wouldn’t get back in the saddle once things died down, today I woke up before dawn and went to the gym. Got my workout in and then went to work. I felt great!!

I did some research and there are actually amazing benefits potentially to working out during your period and maybe next visit I’ll get a few of these myself:

  • Exercise during your period can alleviate menstrual symptoms.
  • You can get more out of your HIIT workout.
  • You may be better able to stay cool during your workout. (source:

If you’re shaking your head because you feel like I felt the last few days but you don’t want to derail your progress I recommend the following:

  • Don’t let your cravings get the best of you. If you’re craving sweets, try fruit. If you’re craving chocolate go for the dark stuff. Or if you’re like me and you’re craving both, grab yourself a Larabar. Not only are they fruit bars but depending on the flavor you get, you get just enough chocolate to satiate you.
  • Stay close to your typical daily meals or calories.
  • Go for walks if at all possible so you can still experience some of the benefits of exercise on symptom relief.
  • Keep that gym bag ready to go in case you wake up feeling great. This way you have no excuse for skipping the gym once the storm has passed.

I’m feeling the best I have felt in months! I feel strong, healthy, full of energy, and confident. Sure it’s a slow tone up but maybe that just means it’ll last because this time around I’m giving my body time to adjust. Let me know if there’s anything you wonderful readers are curious about in the comments. And let the fellas know it’s okay to come back in the room. Until next time!

Author: Grace G.

New Mom and Retired Lawyer trying to share the ride.

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  1. I love this post..i love how you say to prepre your gym bag so you have no excuses to not go! I’ve actually slept in my gym clothes before..sometimes i have to get up at 5am also !! Love your positive attitude..please post more girl 😍💪

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah it helps so much when you’re half asleep before dawn. I will be posting some more thoughts I’ve had soon. Work’s been nutty but the drafts are half written LOL

      1. I sometimes do struggle to sleep the night before i train early..the thought! Ahhh good!! 😍 if you have time check out my new post and let me know what you think..its a pretty big decision i have made!

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