Overwhelmed By Love

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Plato thought that the Gods had split us in two and that’s why we yearned so desperately to find our other half. Some spiritual corners think we’re looking for our twin flame; that person that is the yin to our yang. Either way you look at it, this person no matter how well they fit you, is going to annoy you from time to time, simply because they know ALL the pressure points. I wish I could tell you that all it takes is just a little patience but admittedly being human is hard. And being human with another human is even harder.

I never really thought I would meet anyone that I would share so much with, that I could actually have intelligent conversations with, and I’d want to spend all my time with. I’m a loner by nurture. I guess it’s what happens when you’re an only child and one too many people prove unreliable. You stop asking to do things together. Then my twin flame showed up.

We ask our life partners to wear lots of hats; best friend, lover, confidant, teacher, caregiver, entertainer, protector. It can be overwhelming. We don’t mean to overwhelm them of course, it’s just no one else seems capable of all those things. Then there’s the fact that this person knows you in ways that no one else could. We want to trust them with everything. So we become our most vulnerable and take off that heavy mask that we wear in front of everyone else. For a few hours at the end of every day when you get home, in the quietness of the morning, on a lazy Sunday we get to be completely ourselves. Moody, disheveled, tired, ecstatic, it makes no difference to them, they’re still going to be there for all those moments. And you’ll be there for theirs as well.

I’m lucky I get to go on adventures with this person who makes me write. And that I get to be annoyed every weekend by his moods. Some people will never have the privilege of being the person someone takes their mask off in front of. IMG_5254

So maybe what we should do in those moments where we feel overwhelmed we should remind ourselves that this wave of responsibility that we feel isn’t responsibility but love. The love to see to see this person as they are and to be seen in return.

Author: Grace G.

New Mom and Retired Lawyer trying to share the ride.

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