Nothing On Board

On Day 66 Aunt Flo finally decided to make her appearance. So I might be malfunctioning a little but I’m still not on the baby train. And I still have the opportunity to do the marriage before the baby carriage I guess. On the upside, I have learned a tremendous amount about fertility and what to expect when I finally do open up the factory for production, so I’m even more ready than I was before. In the meantime, I’m idling.

I keep getting this overwhelming feeling that there’s nothing on the horizon. No forward progress. No surprises. And certainly nothing on board. Despite the occasional flowery language when pressed I don’t think anyone’s given any actual consideration to my needs or expectations. You could say I’m 0ver it. Going to start my own railroad. You getting on the Grace train or what?


Author: realgraceshines

Just a writer stuck in a lawyer's body.

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