Not Ready for Youtube

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Have you ever watched a recording of yourself and thought: “why do I make all those dumb facial expressions?””do I do that when I’m speaking to people?””why hasn’t anyone ever told me I look like that?!” Well, today I decided to try something out. Maybe it was because I’ve been binging on YouTube DIY channels or because I feel the need to get out of my shell, I decided to tape myself speaking to the camera and just see what I got.

What I got is the look of a beaten baby seal meets a hungry puffer fish! I mean sure in increments of 12 seconds or less I look downright hot but leave me to my own devices for 60 seconds and people are going to want to medicate me. I’m talking twitches, scrunching, and squinting. Only thing left is full seizures!

Me recording a video in the bathroom.

I blame lawyering for making me entirely awkward in front of the camera. I’ll probably get around to posting something on Youtube eventually since I do think it’ll help build confidence but as of right now (and going off the six videos I recorded), I am not ready for my close-up.

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