Fitness & Lack of Motivation

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I wish I wasn’t so frail. I wish I could run a marathon or scale Mt. Everest. It’s not that I don’t want to do those things, it’s that I can’t do them, not the way those amazon women do it. You know the type, they can deadlift 200lbs, do a handstand, run for days. I’m lucky if I wake up in the morning without choking. I didn’t get the green eyes or the six foot frame but I did get the asthma.

I go through swings. Admittedly when I’m down in the dumps it’s harder for me to bear the thought of huffing and puffing on the treadmill. I know it’s good for me even if I have to stop a thousand times but who wants to face that kind of failure when they already feel like nothing’s going their way. It can be hard to work up the motivation. So I choose instead to become one with the couch.

I know some of you out there may feel the same way. Maybe you’re struggling with a health condition that makes it harder to be active. Or maybe you’re depressed and can’t find the strength to get yourself out of bed. Or maybe you’re trying to be healthy but you’re not seeing any changes in your body and you’re ready to give up. But what if they’re right, and doing just a little something really does make you feel better, isn’t it worth a try?

MindBodyGreen recommends the following to get you motivated to workout: (Taken from 5 Tips to Get Your Butt to the Gym When You Don’t Feel Like It)

  1. Focus on a specific goal – Why are you exercising in the first place?
  2. Visualize yourself accomplishing your fitness goals – Visualize that handstand or deadlift or running across the finish line of that marathon.
  3. Grab a workout buddy – Workout with someone who can keep you accountable.
  4. Create a high-energy playlist – get some tunes that make you want to move.
  5. Find ways to reward yourself – trip to the cinema after the gym or a relaxing massage whatever makes you feel indulged and rewarded after a workout.

Give some of those tips a try and report back!

Author: Grace G.

New Mom and Retired Lawyer trying to share the ride.

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