Second Trimester Recap

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Showing Acorn the Angel Oak Tree at 26 weeks pregnant.

Everyone talks about how great the second trimester is because your morning sickness goes away (hopefully) and you  get your energy back. While that’s true I found the second trimester to be a time filled with anxiety. I was already nervous about everything given what had happened last summer but my doctor just kept finding ways to make me feel worse during the second trimester. I was placed on blood pressure medication because I kept having terrible white coat hypertension. My blood pressure anywhere else was normal, but I’d step in the doctor’s office and it would shoot up. My doctor was unconvinced that it was just anxiety and prescribed blood pressure medication, which I reluctantly agreed to take.

Checking my blood pressure at work.

Even though I was feeling good as I checked off each week, my doctor kept ordering additional tests and appointments. These tests and appointments simply added to my anxiety. Culminating with my Glucose test. I scored 75 on the fasting portion and 137 after an hour. The medical literature all suggest 140 as the cutoff. I declined further testing. Remember you have the right to make informed decisions about your health.

But you all want to hear about the good stuff. In the second trimester we found out at our anatomy scan that Acorn is a boy! We had a feeling the whole time that it was a little fella but it was exciting to finally have confirmation.

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Our gender reveal. Acorn is a dude!

I got back to working out. After the blood pressure concerns I pulled back my exercise regimen considerably because I was worried that rigorous weightlifting would increase my cortisol levels and thereby increase my blood pressure. I started doing more pilates inspired workouts, light weights, as well as aerobics. I also added prenatal yoga to keep myself limber.

Staying limber while the belly keeps growing.
Admiring these guns after completing another home workout.

I’ve been impressed with how few discomforts I’ve had while pregnant. In the second trimester my only major gripe has been that I have had a difficult time sleeping because Acorn is so active at night and his kicks (a lot of them on my bladder) wake me up several times a night. What can I say, he’s a party animal.

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My bump at 23 weeks pregnant.
Enjoying the outdoors with the bump.

The best part of this little guy though is how much closer it’s brought my husband and I. We’re just so excited about his pending arrival and the fact that our love created this little life. He’s going to be such a good Dad.

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My husband and I at the Angel Oak Tree.

Now that I’m in the third trimester I’m getting more nervous about making sure that everything is ready for him. Some people call this nesting but I feel this is more like preparing for a major military operation. You should see how I’ve been researching what I need for my hospital bag.

Let me know what you felt you absolutely needed to get done in the third trimester and what you found came in clutch in your hospital bag.

Sending hugs from the lowcountry,


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