Delivery Hospital Bag: What I Actually Used + C-Section Add-Ons

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How I initially packed my hospital for delivery.

Being pregnant is hard and giving birth can be downright terrifying. When I was preparing my hospital bag for my little ones pending arrival I tried to keep things simple while making sure that I had everything I would need to be comfortable. Initially, I was preparing myself for a complete unmedicated vaginal birth but if you read Rigel’s Birth Story then you know that my plan for a vaginal birth was thrown out the window and I had a scheduled c-section.

Here’s a list of the things that I packed, including a few things I added to my bag at the last minute once I found out I would likely need a c-section:

Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray – This spray is intended for your lady bits post-delivery and while I was scheduled for a c-section I kept it in my hospital bag on the off chance that Rigel flipped at the last second and I could have a vaginal birth. He didn’t of course, so I ended up not using this at all.
Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter for Breastfeeding and Dry Skin – This nipple butter was a Godsend in the hospital and since coming home and attempting to breastfeed. It helped heal the damage from my son’s angry suckle the first couple days in the hospital.
Secret Treasures Maternity Cotton Nursing Bra 2-Pack – Wore these inexpensive nursing bras as soon as I could get out of the hospital bed to change. Held the bits in great and still using them a  two months in.
Nurture by Lamaze 2-Piece Nursing Chemise & Robe – Wore this nightgown and robe set the next day following my c-section for the quick Fresh 48 pictures. Was incredibly soft against my skin. This has continued to be a go-to pajama set for me 10 weeks later.
Nurture by Lamaze Maternity Nursing Chemise – Didn’t wear this nightgown in the hospital but have worn it since coming home. I packed it in the event that I had to stay in the hospital extra nights.
Fridababy Fridet the Momwasher – At first I thought I might not need this peri bottle since I had not had a vaginal birth but it actually still came in handy since I couldn’t bend at all at the waist to wash myself. I loved the angled tip that made it super easy to clean my lady bits. **In case you didn’t know you still have lots of postpartum bleeding even if you’ve had a c-section**
Fruit of the Loom Women’s Assorted Cotton Boy Short (6 Pack) – Packed these in case I wanted to wear regular underwear out of the hospital with a pad. They turned out to be too low even with its high waist. Have worn them since being home but I suspect these would be good if you have a vaginal birth.
Depend Silhoutte Active Fit Disposable Underwear for Women – While at the hospital I wore the mesh underwear they provided but I wore these Depend disposable undies to go home. I found them to fit really well and not be noticeable under clothing.
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths Face Wipes – Packed these face wipes in case I couldn’t get to the sink very easily and also because I didn’t want to pack my facial cleanser. Used these to clean my face while in the hospital.
ACE Instant Cold Compress – I got these to cool down my lady bits for a vaginal birth but that turned out not to happen so I didn’t use these in the hospital. I have subsequently used these instant cold compresses to cool down my boobs since I’ve been breastfeeding.
Karen Neuburger Women’s Super Soft Cozy Lounge Sock with Grippers – These aren’t the exact socks that I got. I found mine in-store at Walmart but they’re a similar idea. Sure the hospital gives you grippy socks but they usually aren’t cute. I also found the Super Mom socks at Walmart around Mother’s Day. I wore my pink socks in the operating room.
Shintop Cosmetic Headbands – My headband that I wore during my c-section came with the pink socks I wore as a set but these headbands are very similar to what I wore. They helped keep my hair out of my face.
Rite Aid Senna Plus Laxative & Stool Softner – Added this to my hospital bag once I found out that I would be having a c-section. One of the things that your doctor will consider before discharging you from the hospital is if you’ve had your first bowel movement. Trust me you’re going to want to make sure it’s as easy as possible.
Medela Disposable Bra Pads – I ended up not using my bra pads right away because my milk took a few extra days to come but have used these since. Definitely would still pack in case your milk comes in right away or you were leaking while pregnant.
Women’s Sara Flip Flops – Wore these flip flops in the shower at the hospital once I was able to get up and shower. You never know what’s lurking on those floors so wear those flip flops.
Simply Balanced Organic Raisins – Packed some raisins once I found out I would need a c-section. Also in line with making sure that I could have a bowel movement right away. Trust me they worked.
Room Essentials Washcloth – Packed these to wash with because I have always found hospital washcloths to be pretty harsh on the skin. Turned out to be a great decision.
Opalhouse Soft Solid Towel (bath sheet size) – There’s a good chance that you’re still going to be pretty big that first-day postpartum and that itty bitty towel that they provide at the hospital just isn’t going to cut it. I’m very happy a bought a super soft oversized Opalhouse towel from Target because my whole belly was super sensitive after delivery.
My Bella Mama Designer Hospital Delivery Gown – I felt so out of control once I knew I’d be having a c-section that I was very happy the hospital let me wear my own hospital delivery gown. It made me feel pretty and like I had some say in how the day was going to go. Some Moms will say not to get your own gown because it’s going to get all dirty but mine didn’t. Even though I was bed bound and bleeding for a good 18 hours after I had my baby.
Bric’s X-Travel 22″ Deluxe Duffel – I’ve had this duffle bag for years and it’s proven itself capable of handling anything including the birth of my son. Was able to pack all the things I needed in this one bag.

What I ended up packing with me once I found out I would need a c-section.

Let me know what you packed when you gave birth. If you’re expecting let me know if this list has helped you pack and feel just a little more ready for your little one’s arrival.

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