Mother’s Day Lesson

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I’m sitting outside under the cool shade of my family’s mango tree. It’s a gorgeous day in South Florida. She delights the senses today much like a retro travel poster. And I find myself happy to call this place home. Today’s Mother’s Day and for the last several days I’ve been dedicating time to my Mother. It’s been nice to hear her stories and listen to her sage advice. Even if I don’t ever listen to it, it feels so good to know that there is someone who will tell you the same thing 10,000 times and will love you anyway.

Since it is Mother’s Day it’s Mom’s rules, so even though I planned something fun for us to do, she ultimately had final say in what we did. Instead of going to the Japanese Festival that I had gotten us tickets for we went, at her urging, to see my Grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

For as long as I can remember people have told me that I remind them of my Grandmother. They tell me I have her temperament. That I am independent and elusive at times just like she was. They tell me I have her figure. And they tell me I raise the same eyebrow she does. I used to love to witness my Grandmother assert herself to my Grandfather. Even though by the time I began to witness these scenes my Grandmother had been long retired I could still tell that she must have been one tough broad. I’ve always hoped that I would be as tough she was but I think I turned out just a little bit more mushy.

I saw her today and she didn’t recognize me. Even after I repeatedly told her who I was and gave her a kiss on the check, she still didn’t know. I suddenly wished I had asked her more questions. And then she turned my Mother looked her in the eye and told her she loved her. It made me feel warm feel inside to see that the bond between Mother and Daughter is so strong  that not even this disease can break it, not yet, not while a daughter still needs her mother.

So while the day took a turn I was not expecting it taught me this much, appreciate those you love each and every day and let them know it. Love is the strongest force in the Universe and can conquer anything. And time keeps ticking whether you’re ready or not. I will definitely be passing out hugs like tic-tacs. Be blessed everyone!


Author: Grace G.

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