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If you think shopping for clothes is hard, just wait until you get pregnant, then it really becomes a challenge! Your body is changing on a daily basis, you may be feeling the most self-concious you’ve ever felt, and what felt comfortable yesterday today feels like a vice. I always thought I’d look so cute in maternity wear and then I saw what maternity wear costs and I’m just happy I can throw something over the bump. Sometimes that something is my husband’s t-shirt other times its a cute top I got in my latest Le Tote ; it’s style inspiration can come from anywhere! Thanks to some serious style envy I’ve developed scrolling through the instagrams of other pregnant bloggers, I have felt compelled to go looking for cute bump-friendly clothes that won’t steal money from Acorn’s college fund.

While I still absolutely love what I shared with you all on my previous Affordable Maternity Wear post, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only can I get my breast pump from Amazon but I can also get hot mama threads! Here are four items that I’m looking to add to my style rotation:

Left to right: JJ Perfection Skirt, My Bump Cold Shoulder Dress, DJT Hankerchief Skirt, and Grecerelle Split Maxi Dress
  1. JJ Perfection Women’s High Waist Elastic Flared Midi Skirt $15.99 – While this skirt is not advertised as maternity wear, the material and cut are perfect for accomodating a growing baby bump. Wear it low as you near the homestretch of your pregnancy for a comfortable casual look. Plus, you’ll still be able to wear the skirt after baby arrives.
  2. My Bump Women’s Cold Shoulder Fitted Maternity Dress W/Side Ruched $29.99 – This dress is most certainly bump-approved. My Bump makes several styles of form fitting maternity dresses. I particularly liked this one because you don’t usually see a cold shoulder cut in maternity wear. This dress will really show off your bump without breaking the bank and would even make a great baby shower dress!
  3. DJT Women’s Flowy Handkerchief Hemline Midi Skirt $18.99 – I am all about skirts as Spring makes her reluctant arrival and this skirt is both comfortable and care-free with it’s hankerchief cut. And just like the prior find, it’s not a maternity skirt but is stretchy and soft enough to accomodate a growing bump. Bonus, you can keep wearing it during the awkward post-partum period.
  4. GRECERELLE Women’s Casual Loose Pocket Long Dress Short Sleeve Split Maxi Dresses $23.80 – You can throw this dress over a swimsuit, three months without shaving, or a baby bump; which as far as I’m concerned makes it the perfect dress! Long and flowy this dress has plenty of room to hide a baby bump while giving the illusion that you’ve got it all together. If you’re a first time mom you probably don’t by the way. And like the other pieces I found, this one can stay in your wardrobe even after the baby arrives.

Be on the look out for these clothes covering my ever expanding waistline in the next several weeks. And let me know in the comments about any amazing preggo finds you’ve come across!


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