The Wedding is Taking Over

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I’m late on this post and I’ve been kicking myself about it. I wanted to post sooner but we’ve been working on one wedding project after the other. As of the date of this post it’s 17 days until the wedding. Right now it just feels like we’re trying to manage chaos. And I have no idea how we’re going to pull this all together.

Finally took engagement pictures over the weekend in West Palm Beach, FL. Thanks to @SaltWitchStudios

Wedding planning has been interfering with my workout schedule because I guess place cards are more important than getting some cardio in. The lack of working out is making my moods act up. Yesterday, in an act of desperation, I pulled out my resistance bands and worked out in the living room. It was an okay workout but I miss getting a proper sweat in consistently And if I’m being really honest, I’m worried that I’m going to look terrible for the wedding if I don’t get back in gear.

I’ve definitely been more snappy with Isaac as a result but the good thing is we’ve realized a few things that maybe will limit anyone else’s stress who’s also planning their own wedding.

1. Limit the number of projects you give yourselfYeah Pinterest may have a ton of really cute DIY wedding projects with all sorts of cute wedding favors and wedding décor but unless this is your full-time job or you give yourself loads of time and rent out a warehouse, you’re probably setting yourself up for a lot of stress. Limit your DIY projects to things that you really want to personalize. The rest of it can probably be purchased.

2. Give Clear Instructions to those You Delegate Tasks toIf you’re going to delegate tasks to friends and family, make sure you clearly tell them what you want them to do. Unless, you’re certain they understand the vision for their wedding, or otherwise do this kind of event planning all the time, give them clear instructions. They’re going to want to do a good job and if you haven’t given them clear instructions you’re going to get a million follow-up questions; none of which you really have time to answer because you’re too busy trying to finish your pre-marital counseling so you know you can actually GET MARRIED.

3. Get Your Premarital Counseling Completed ASAPIf you live in a state that requires you complete a pre-marital counseling course before you can receive your marriage license get it done as soon as possible. Most courses take a few sessions to complete so the sooner you complete the course the sooner you can get back to figuring out where the heck you’re going to sit Aunt Gladys. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you need to spend the next week doing nothing but pre-marital counseling or trust me you’ll NEED counseling.

4. Be Kind to Each Other – More fights happen in the few weeks just before nuptials than at any other time during a couple’s engagement. You’re already nervous about this life-altering thing you’re about to do and on top of it you’re getting stressed out about picking bow-ties for the groomsmen, your mother giving her opinion on the linens, and the venue telling you they’re booked so you can’t rehearse there. So remember to still have some date nights and be nice to each other.

5. Remember All You Really Need to Do is Get MarriedEven if everything goes wrong, the most important thing is that at the end of the day you end up married. So it doesn’t matter what the centerpieces look like or who sat where. Just hold it together long enough to say ‘I Do’ and your wedding will be a success!

My perfectionism has been getting the best of me but I’m trying to mellow out.We already eliminated a couple of projects that just weren’t necessary and replaced them with some store bought whimsy.

Flower Wall
He’s my person!

I’m actually typing this while on the road back to Charleston to do some more house hunting. I couldn’t bear the thought of making you all wait any longer to hear from me and hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing with my posts from now on. I just can’t wait to show you all what the heck this wedding looked like!17 days to go, we can do this!

Let me know in the comments if you were way stressed out as your wedding approached and what you did. Or if you’re currently planning your wedding as well, let me know how it’s going for you (oh and Congrats!) Expect another post from me on Saturday to accommodate this week’s altered schedule.

Be Back Soon!

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