Toys for Every Kind of One-Year-Old

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It’s amazing how quickly babies grow! Before you know it they’re curious and active toddlers completely unsatisfied with the soft, safe, cutesy toys they’ve been playing with up to this point. I got to thinking about good toddler toys as I was looking for toys for Rigel’s first birthday. I can’t believe it’s already here! I compiled this list of toys appropriate for all kinds of toddler personalities. Here’s to getting through the toddler years in one piece!

FOR THE LOUNGER – Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair – Some toddlers just like to chill. They’ve been laid back since the womb and don’t see the big fuss in exploring. With this chair, they can lounge and learn at the same time as it has tons of little things to explore on it and even a compartment for hiding their favorite little toys.

Chair for the laid-back tot.

FOR THE ATHLETE – Little Tykes 3-in-1 Sports Zone – This is for the toddler that’s always trying to run and throw something. Sure they just learned how to walk 3 weeks ago but that’s not going to stop ’em from racing across the living room to grab their favorite toy. This toy includes a soccer ball and net, basketball hoop, and bowling pins. It’ll be sure to keep your little athlete entertained for at least 20 minutes.

Start your sports phenom young!

FOR THE EXPLORER – POCO DIVO 6ft Play Tunnel – Is your little one always trying to explore the back of the couch or the underside of the coffee table? Well then you have an explorer and this is the perfect toy for them! This play tunnel pops right open and comes with a carry bag so you can take it anywhere – Grandma’s house, the beach, the backyard for the 14th time because you’re stuck home social distancing, ANYWHERE!!

Pop-up tunnel for the burrower.

FOR THE MUSICALLY INCLINED – Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Piano Musical Toy – Does your tot like to bang on things and move to the rhythm? Why not foster that drive into something other than your pots and pans and get them this piano, which will not only teach them about music but will also help them learn their colors.

Recitals held in the living room.

FOR THE GARDENER – Little Tikes Activity Garden – Everytime you go outside your toddler is trying to pick flowers or grab your watering can. Give them their own little garden to work on with this activity garden. It has shapes they can sort, a telescope, and even removable sections.They’ll have fun welcoming friends (and Mommy) to their own secret garden.

Secret Garden of fun!

FOR THE BUILDER – ECR4Kids Softzone Foam Big Building Blocks – If your little one is always moving boxes around and stacking them up then you might just have a little builder on your hands. Get that tot these soft blocks so they can build to their hearts content, in a safe way of course.

The builder zone.

FOR THE GRILLMASTER – Little Tikes Cook & Grow BBQ Grill – With summer here and a lot more outdoor cooking taking place you may find that you have a toddler that’s very interested in what’s going on with the grill. Get that little tyke their own grill so they can grill up some pretend play! Bonus points if you get them a little grill master apron!

Hotdog or burger?

FOR THE CLEAN FREAK – Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Dust Sweep & Mop Set – I don’t know about you but as soon as I pull out the broom Rigel is all over it. He wants to sweep and then place the dustpan. So why not encourage your toddler to be Mommy’s little helper with this broom set!

For Mommy’s Little Helper.

FOR THE CAR ENTHUSIAST – Step2 Easy Steer Sportster – For the little one who loves looking at cars and cruising around this is the perfect toy, especially when Mom and Dad aren’t yet ready to drop a couple hundred on an electric car. Complete with cup holder for Mama’s go-go juice and sporting cool styling, your tot will be the talk of the hood.

Cool wheels for a cool tot.

FOR THE CHEF – Step2 Best Chef’s Play Kitchen – Got a toddler that’s always right by when you’re cooking? Curious about the stove, wanting to grab the pans, wondering what the spatula is for? Then it’s time to get that little one their own play kitchen so they can cook up their own dream meals, or bang around their kitchen while you cook in yours.

What’s for dinner?

FOR THE SCIENTIST – Baby Einstein Curiosity Activity Table – Rigel has shown an interest in how things work pretty much from the moment he could grab things. He already has this toy as we got it for him when he turned 6 months old. At that point, it helped him work on standing and also helped him work on his fine motor skills. Now that he’s almost one he’s a lot more interested in the interchangeable gears and making the lights turn on and off.

Get tinkering.

I would have also featured a water table for all those water babies out there but the best-rated ones were all sold out (oh the joys of quarantine). A water table is absolutely fun play for little curious tots.

Let me know in the comments what toys your one-year-old absolutely loves and what toys weren’t such a hit. I’m looking forward to sharing what toys we decided to get Rigel for his first birthday with y’all, so stay tuned and make sure you follow along on Instagram.

To growing tots,

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