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After over a month of waiting my clean out bag was finally processed by the people at Thred Up. If you haven’t heard of Thred Up before it’s an online consignment shop. At first that seems like a brilliant idea. Yes, let’s digitize this endeavor of getting rid of your old clothes and making a little money of them. I’d first heard of them I think through my earth-conscious boyfriend who recommended that I do a little shopping on their site. I never did find anything on the website thatI liked enough to order (which should have maybe been a red flag) but I figured consignment shopping is cyclical and eventually they’d get in some clothes I liked.

In order to look on the website they will make you sign up. I’m sure most people just sign in with their Facebook log-in since that’s easy enough to do. Once you’re on the site you can browse and shop their supposedly highly curated offerings. Things seemed pretty reasonably priced but certainly not special. I wasn’t interested in that back in early May when I was trying to downsize my wardrobe that had grown almost as massive as my butt had in the last several months. Normally, I would donate my old wares to Goodwill but I had remembered that you could sell your clothes to Thred Up and whatever they didn’t buy would be donated to needy charities. It seemed great. Make some money off of all these clothes I’d spent a ton of loot on that still looked great and help those in need.

Clean Out Kit took a week to arrive in the snail mail.

I went ahead and ordered a Clean Out Kit. When I put in my request Thred Up was charging you $9.99 for the kit. It would be reduced to $4.99 deducted from your cash out (pay out) when they bought something of yours. I just checked the website and apparently in the month and a half since I requested my kit they’ve eliminated this and the $9.99 fee is if you want your bag to be processed ASAP. Took a week to get my Clean Out Kit in the snail mail. And then almost another week for me to get the courage to tackle my closet.

My pile of clothes included a pair of Diesel leather heels that I had bought in Italy, a few mint condition Aqua dresses, some very pretty Bar III dresses, and a ton of on trend H&M gear. I stuffed the bag as much as I could and then I went over to my local Fedex to drop it off. Your local mailman will pick up as well if you leave it out for them but since we had been experiencing lots of torrential downpours in Florida in May, I didn’t want to risk it.

All I know is that Thred Up got my bag on May 26th and they didn’t tell me in was processed until June 30th. That’s right it took a month! So if you’re looking for quick cash, stick to your local consignment shop, EBay, or Poshmark. What I actually earned after deductions for shipping and handling was $17.06 on 15 upfront accepted items. At least 3 of those items have already sold just over this weekend. My Aqua dress is up in consignment so I may make another $12.30 on that once it sells. But overall not what I was expecting to make.

It seems to me like they like moving the dresses as none of the almost brand new jeans I sent in made the cut. I would recommend if you’re going to use Thred Up send in your nicest casual dresses, flowy tops, and dress pants. Also look at the items they’re currently requesting. If you don’t mind the long processing time, are happy to just make any money at all off your old clothes, and dread the thought of walking into an actual consignment shop this might be for you. I think in the future I’ll stick to Goodwill and the tax write-off.

If you’ve used Thred Up let me know and tell me what your experience was like in the comments. Until my next Stuff I’ve Tried stay curious friends!

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